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Elders Quorum Discussion Topics

Jan 22 2023

Oath &Cov of the Priesthood

 "Let Doing Good BE Our Normal" , Elder Pino, October 2022

Feb 12 2023

What is the role of the Book of Mormon, Preach my Gospel page 103 and 104 

 "The Eternal Principle of Love", Elder Hugo Montoya Oct. 2022

Feb 26 2023

How Should You Use the Book of Mormon" Preach My Gospel page 110 and 111 (only) 

"Follow Jesus Christ with Footsteps of Faith" Russell M Ballard,

Mar 13 2023

The Promised Blessings of Family History 

"A Framework for Personal Revelation," Elder Dale G Renlund


 Mar 27 2023

My Calm In the Storm

Apr 9 2023

The difference between testimony and conversion.

Elders Quorum Activity Schedule

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