Elders Quorum Discussion Topics

Nov 27th

Nov 13th Sister Tracy Browning "Seeing More of Jesus Christ in Our Lives"

Oct 23th 2022  Elder Hamilton "Then I will make weak things strong"

Oct 9th 2022 Elder Kearon Healing in His wings

Sep 25th 2022  Elder Holland "Fear Not: Believe Only!" https://abn.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-conference/2022/04/23holland?lang=eng

Aug 28 2022--Elder Kacher --Ladder of Faith

Nov 14th 2021--Community resources for ministering



President Erying I love to see the temple

Sep 12th 2021--Matthew 13: 1-13

Dallen H Oaks, Parable of the sower, April 2015

President Russell M. Nelson, Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives, April 2018, 

Henry B. Eyering, Second Counselor, 8/26/21, I Hear Him by Approaching Him with Prayer and Faith.

August 22 2021--Elder Christofferson Why the Convenant Path

August 8th 2021--President Nelson Faith will move Mountains

June 12th 2021--Elder Ballard Hope in Christ

Additional Videos:

Hope Works

Acceptance of Disabilities in Church